Counseling and Tanathology


I believe in people and their ability to change, to find answers to their conflicts and to take action to achieve their goals. And I think that people who choose to take the path of psychotherapy show courage and motivation to be better.

I believe in psychotherapy as a space for listening, trust and communication that often involves learning how to listen to ourselves and communicate with others. I also believe in psychotherapy as clear lenses that allow us to see the world as it is, look at reality in all its facets, in order to handle and enjoy it.

As a psychotherapist, thanatologist and Counselor, I promote the autonomy of individuals and their capability to face difficult situations so as to recognize and enjoy their achievements and joys. I encourage verbal interaction as a basic tool for a good life, as well as integration with oneself and with others. I also believe in health, potential deployment, and finding the tools that we all have but sometimes we lose sight or hide, which with professional help can be recovered.

In my private practice (office) I work primarily with adolescents and adults in individual therapy. I often get to work with young women struggling to leave their past behind themselves, who want to learn how to be happy and achieve their goals.

I invite you to read the FAQ section to clarify doubts you may have about psychotherapy and the professionals who work. You can also can reach me in the Contact section.

Some of the conflicts that can be treated in psychotherapy are:

• Conflict with myself (intrapersonal, existential, etc..)

• Interpersonal conflicts: with partners, relatives, coworkers, etc..

• Losses, grief and stressful events

• Planning and goal achievement

• Chronic conditions (HIV / AIDS, diabetes, etc..)

• Issues of sexual orientation and gender identity

• Anxiety, sadness, anger and other uncomfortable emotions

• Stress Management

• Self Esteem Issues Inherent

• Spiritual Issues

• And more.