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In the same way we do not need to be writhing in pain to go to a doctor, it is not necessary to feel completely hopeless and lost to go see a psychotherapist / counselor.

(Though of course, that’s a good sign that it would be appropriate to consider it.)

So how I can assume that a psychotherapeutic consultation could help me?

You’ve probably tried to deal with your situation for a while, on your own, and you’ve even talked to with family or friends about it. Sometimes you’ve tried several ways, such as a book, a new activity or you’ve taken some alternative course.

We often know that we can benefit from professional help by an intuition, a little voice that says, “What if I find there an answer?”. But also when nothing that we have tried so far has worked entirely or satisfactorily.

Other times we just feel anxious, restless or dissatisfied and do not have very clear why. When we fail to carry the day in a serene way or when a single concern or dilemma stays with us most of the time.

Some other times we need to be helped when we feel stuck in one or more aspects of our life, or having a sense of confusion, frustration or helplessness. Or perhaps simply because we want a new and professional perspective without judgment about an actual situation, when we want to heal a past event or when it becomes difficult to make a future decision.

I hope I’ve clarified this false myth that you need to feel very bad to go to a therapist, and you now have a broader panorama of the profession’s range.

Now, what are you waiting for to schedule your appointment?